Truffle Corner


Many years ago when truffles were first discovered people believed that they were a gift from god, the result of lightning on a warm and wet soil, some even deemed them to be children of the earth. Later on truffles were considered as treasure and were food for the kings, rich and famous. Only until the 17th century truffles started to be used in the western cuisine. Nowadays they are listed on the menu of the world top restaurants as delicacy.

What makes truffles so fascinating is the all mystery surrounding them as well as their unique unforgettable aroma without forgetting their amazing flavor which gives the food an extra sophisticated edge to it.

There are many varieties of truffles growing around the world, in only Europe there are more than twenty different types but few of them have a culinary value and good for eating.

People have always been fascinated by truffles for their tantalizing taste and aroma; they are difficult to find only experienced hunters know where to get them so therefore they keep the Locations secret.